The biggest 📈 impact on your business

Here is a question for you…  What can you do that will have the biggest impact on your business?  I’ll share what has made the biggest difference with my company.  Both the long and the short version.  

First, what do you think it is?

Is it your lead generation?  

Is it your marketing?

I bet you’re not guessing that it’s your business plan.  

Here is my answer…  I believe that creating a consistent way to be accountable to what you determine to be important.  This has been the biggest level on our business, creating a weekly cadence of accountability.  It all starts with your vision.  

Framework – Short Version:

Get clear on the following, in this order

1. Vision – What does it look like in 10 years?
2. One-Year Goal – Next step closer
3. Rocks – 90 Day (quarter) Goals
4. Scorecard – Weekly Accountability 

Framework – Long Version


Start by getting crystal clear on what you want your life & business to look like 10 years from now.  You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there, but this should be somewhat specific.  This is your Vision.  

Example of my Vision:  My vision for my company is to grow the #1 Team in California (by units).  

Do I know how I’m going to get there?  Absolutely not… 

However I know the next few steps that would get me closer to that vision, which is going to bring you to your 1-year goals.  

One-Year Goals

When you’re setting your one-year goals, these are numbers that you’re absolutely going to hit.  This isn’t the time to set a goal that you’d ‘Love’ to hit, these are goals that you’re absolutely committed to hitting. 

Example of our 1-Year Goals:

This year we are going to:

-Sell 186
-Grow to 54 agents
-Increase listing business to 40% of total sales


Now that you know what you’re going to commit to doing this year.  Zoom in and write down what you need to do in the next 90 days to hit the goals.  

Why 90 Days?

Because that’s as long as you can stay focused before starting to wander off the path.  Just imagine how many people didn’t even make it this far into this message…  If you’re still here, let me know what you think of this plan.  

These are called your Rocks.  90 days is a Quarter of the year.  You’ll set new ‘Rocks’ every 90 days that will get you closer to your 1 year goal and in turn, your vision. These need to be three things.

1. Specific (what exactly is it?)
2. Measurable (How many?)
3. Attainable (Did you do it? Yes or No?

Why are these called rocks?

This jar = your focus

If you focus on the small things first, you’ll run out of time to accomplish big things.  

But when you prioritize your rocks before anything else, it all falls into place.

Examples of our rocks:

– Sell 46 hours total
– Sell 19 listings
– Onboard 14 agents to our team
– Drive 3400 people to ur website monthly (average)

This is where you see the Traction.  


What are the 2-3 numbers that you’re going to commit to doing every week that will force you to hit your Rocks?  HOW are you going to be held accountable?

This is the most important part.   Here are some ideas for accountability…

– Get an accountability partner, check in Daily or weekly
-Join an accountability group
– Hire a Coach
– Ask your Manager

Quick story –  at an Event I went to last year, I heard the best accountability partner ever.  An Agent told his kids that if he sold one house a week, that he would take the whole family to Disney World.  You better believe his kids held him accountable to hitting his goals. 

Back to your weekly numbers..  No more than 2 to 3.  I’ll give you exactly what I would be focusing on if I were only

Example of Weekly Numbers of a Rockstar Agent

– 23 conversions
– 2 open houses
– 2 Buyer/Seller Consultations

If you can consistently stay focused on the things that matter, it would be unreasonable for you not to succeed. 

This system is called EOS and it’s explained in the book Traction.  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I had to read it 5 times.  I’ve tried to outline it as well as possible here for you. 

PS – So… what are your goals?