Master Long-Term Follow-Up

Get clients to reach out to you so you don’t have to prospect hours and hours every day. One of the most common questions that I get from agents is “How do I get my Phone to ring? ”. The answer is to master long-term follow-up and to stay consistent with it. and then wait….

 I’m going to cover a few simple strategies that you can add to your business to put 90% of your long-term follow-up on auto-pilot

  • Create a Weekly Email Newsletter
  • Use Storytelling on Social
    • Video is a plus, but not mandatory
  • Sellers
    • “Your Neighbor’s House just came on the market”

At the end of this post, I’ll let you know what the additional 10% of long term nurture is, and how to make that easier

Let’s dive into each of these strategies so that you can implement them TOMORROW.

Weekly Newsletter

A weekly newsletter sounds overwhelming, it’s not. It’s an email that you’re going to send out weekly.

You’re a professional that has a pulse on the market, you should be sharing that with your database as opposed to holding all of that information to yourself. That’s selfish isn’t it? Give all of the information and knowledge away for free. That is how you make the phone ring.

You can copy and paste what we’re putting out once you’ve subscribed to our newsletter at

Storytelling Through Social

Selling through stories is one of the most powerful methods you can master in all of sales.  If you’re able to get better at this, you’ll see an increase in conversion almost immediately.

Now, putting that ability on paper “Posts” or on VIDEO will light your business on fire. You’re out in the field seeing all kinds of crazy things in this business. Share that with your audience. They’ll see that you’re relatable, a real person but also WORKING. Which is more than their part time agent shows. 

Now we all know that we should be posting more videos, which is why when I’m typing this up, I’m also making my script for the video BUT you don’t have to do video or nothing. There are amazing copywriters out there that make a massive impact on a ton of people. You’re reading this long post/article/newsletter, aren’t you?

My advice if you’re going to get serious with copywriting, is to study it.

Seller Nurture – “Your Neighbor’s House just came on the market

We can all put our clients on an amazing tool to help them track their home value, like homebot. However, the real value is when it’s handcrafted BY YOU.

This isn’t an automated process, but you can set yourself up for success with minimal effort. I put all of my clients & seller leads on Homebot, however I also go one step further. 

I set up an MLS search for their neighborhood. Anytime there is a listing in their neighborhood, I’ll receive a notification in my email. (I prefer to do this weekly). This allows me to send a 2-3 minute video email, or text that does a few things. 

  • It lets them know of a new listing and comp in their neighborhood
  • Let them know that you’re active in their neighborhood
  • Keeps you top of mind anytime a listing comes up (and they get door knocked, mailed, cold called, etc.)

Now as I mentioned in the previous point, this doesn’t HAVE to be video, it just makes it more powerful when your client sees you delivering the information through something like a bombbomb.

With just two hours a week, I fill up my social and post almost every day with only about 2 hours of work every week. Reply or DM me and I’ll share my framework.

Now that we’ve made 90% of the long-term follow-up (pretty much) automatic, there is the last 10%. Picking up the phone and calling. NOW, to make this easier… I’ll give you the easiest script to remember. “Did you get it?”

That’s it.  Remember that this is all about consistency. You should be able to “Make the phone ring” with just 2-4 hours of your 40 hour work week.

Simple. Not Easy. I’ll summarize

  • Step 1: Create something valuable to your people weekly and email it to them.
  • Step 2: Document your work on social media through storytelling. Whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly is your choice.
  • Step 3: Update your seller leads every time there is a listing in their neighborhood. 2-3 minutes per comp. They’ll appreciate it.

Implement this tomorrow and let me know if this long-term follow-up strategy works for you! 

PS – If you want my framework for creating content, Reply/DM me “Content Machine” with your email and I’ll send that over.

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