Opportunities in the Downsizing Market

Anyone who is looking to downsize is going to benefit from the current real estate market

Let’s talk about the opportunities in the downsizing market and how anyone can benefit from downsizing as well. 

#1 Those looking to downsize have a tremendous amount of equity 

If you’re looking to downsize, it’s very likely that you’ve lived in your home for a really long time, which means you probably bought it at a very low price and now it’s worth a lot more. Homeowners that have been in their home for 20 to 30 years most likely have a tremendous amount of equity in their home, or the house is completely paid off. 

So why don’t these homeowners, who have a lot of equity, want to downsize if they don’t need the five bedrooms or stairs anymore?

Listing the home is a big hassle because they don’t want to fix it up, and dealing with the sale of their home can be frustrating.

So what can we do to make this easier on the seller looking to downsize? Imagine that the seller could buy their next home, whether it was a single-level home or one near a golf course, before they even thought about selling their current home. Our buy-before-you-sell program makes that possible. Right now, these homeowners have the most to gain because they have so much equity, and the best opportunities are for those who use their huge equity or cash to buy their next home. Also, we can do all the work on the seller’s current house to help them get as much money as possible when they sell it. 

#2 The advantage of time

Those downsizing don’t have to rush to find a new home like first-time buyers do. They don’t have to worry about packing up their house, putting it on the market, and hoping that both deals can happen at the same time. This gives our downsizing clients a chance to reach out and say, “Hey, I would love to downsize to something with a single level and an ocean view in an easy HOA community where you don’t have too much maintenance” so that our team can start looking for properties that meet our clients’ needs and also look for off-market properties.

The seller’s original home—a single-family house with two stores, multiple bedrooms and baths, a lot of space, etc.—is the type of home most people want to move into in Orange County and the surrounding markets. Buyers may want to fix up the house on their own, or they may want it to be ready to move in right away. We are committed to working with our clients who are downsizing to make a personalized sales plan that will make the process easier for them. Our goal is to make selling a home as easy as possible for all of our clients. This includes paying for repairs up front so that our clients only have to pay for them after the sale of their home is complete.

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