“Doing the work” or “Grinding” to success isn’t the full truth

There is no secret that getting through a more difficult market is going to require stepping up.  Yet I’m noticing there are more people are putting their heads in the sand and “grinding”. 

Is this the most efficient way to get through a hard time?  It’s definitely not the best way to grow or scale in a down market. 

Phil Jones has a very simple mantra that he follows on how he has built several successful sales teams.  It’s Simple.  He focuses everyone on three things. 

Doing the Basics.

To a high level.


Simple.  Not Easy.  How does this tie into putting your head in the sand while “Grinding”?  It’s that feeling, “I only need to do MORE to win.” 

Putting your head down and…

  • Making more calls
  • Buying more leads
  • Recruiting more agents
  • Setting more appointments
  • Starting an ancillary business

Instead of doing what you know you need to do to improve your current business.  Key word, Improve.  A lot of agents are focusing on doing more work and grinding as opposed to getting laser focused. 

It’s not just making the calls, it’s making the calls with intention.  That slight change of adding your intention is what makes the difference.  You’re not making calls to check it off the to-do list, you’re making the calls to have conversations. 

A solo agent making their calls, or a CEO talking about growing the company have the same problems. 

It’s going back to the three SIMPLE things. 

  • Doing the Basics
  • At a High Level
  • Consistently

Which of the three do you struggle most with?  I’m curious.  Reply and let me know…

The one I struggle the most with is focusing on doing the basics.  I often get distracted with trying so hard to do things at a HIGHER level, that the basics can be pushed aside

My number one focus right now is to make sure that we’re practicing the basics across all fronts.   Next, I’ll be focusing on making sure that we’re doing them at a high level.  Then, I’ll focus on making sure that we’re doing them consistently

From Lead generation to Recruiting to Customer Service.  All are important.  It’s Simple.  Not Easy. 

 – Christian Stubbs

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