The only three things that matter in your business

FOCUS has been on my mind all week.  

* When was the last time you read a book because someone you respect told you it is an incredible book.    

** When was the last time you actually implemented anything in that book, made it a habit or part of your business?

Ready, Fire, Aim.  I’ve read it three times and this time, I’m actually studying it.  

Quick background story..

When we started our Team, we felt that we needed to do EVERYTHING to be successful.  This led to doing a lot of things at an average level.  

The business is now 3 years old and we’ve done more in the last 9 months than we had done in the previous 2.5 years.   9 Months ago, we implemented EOS to give more structure to our business. 

The goal was to FOCUS on what was most important.   Yet I’m realizing that as a company, still spread too thin. 

Now, we’re getting focused on the singular most important things to scale the business.   After a week of turning off the noise, and no new ideas, it finally became more clear. 

** Here’s the Main Point **

Every department or major person in your company can focus on one thing.

  • Marketing should be driving leads
  • Sales drives deals
  • Operations drives efficiencies

At the end of the day, it’s that simple.  Then you scale it.  

Once you’re selling, which we all are, you make your service better. 

Then you make your marketing better. 

Then you make your company more efficient.  

I’ve got in the trap of ADDING new things to the business, when I should have been improving and increasing what works.  

Getting ready to roll into Q2 of the year, we’re focused on doing more with less.  Taking the most important aspects of our business, and making those better… and then doing more of what works.