My Word of the Year is…

A few weeks ago, I shared that my company has narrowed down what we do are are focusing on.  Instead of trying to do ‘all the things’, we decided to take a step back.  A step back to look at what makes the biggest difference to our business. 

We narrowed down to three simple things.  These are our Rocks for the quarter. 

  • Triple down on Content…  6 Long Form & 21 Short form per week
    • The goal of this Rock is to build a content machine that generates scalable and repeatable business ($$$)
  • Recruiting Funnel… 44 Leads > 18 Appointments > 2 Onboarded Agents per week
    • Finding more of the right people that are aligned with our vision of becoming the #1 Team in CA by sales.
  • Expanding our ISA Department…  2 Inbound ISAs to generate 20 appointments each per month
    • Filling our sales funnel and leveraging our best salespeople’s time

While these are huge and important to our business, it meant that we had to remove things from our business.  Removing some expenses and outsourcing others.   The key to this was to make sure that we can focus our time on the most important pieces of the business. 

So our word of 2023 is focus.  Focus on what is going to get you closer to your Vision.  We don’t need to know every step from here to there, we need to take the next step to get there.