The 5 P’s that Lead to Selling Your Home in Orange County

The 5 P’s that Lead to Selling Your Home

Ask Yourself… Does your Real Estate Agent handle all of this?  Being as competitive as Orange County is, it’s more important than ever.

When you think of hiring a Real Estate Agent, are you thinking that you’re hiring a single person? Does that seem like the best use of your money (the commission that you’re paying)?

We are an UNTRADITIONAL Real Estate Company. We consider ourselves a Team, when our clients are hiring us they’re hiring a Team of people to help you through the process of home buying, selling or both.

After you’re done reading below, do you really feel that this is the job for ONE person?

First and foremost, you’re choosing the person to trust when selling your home in Orange County. We look at the Five P’s when it comes to selling houses.

Watch this video to hear more from our co-founder, Christian Stubbs, about our Team


Our goal is to understand what is most important to you before we focus on how to sell your home.  Your Agents job is to ensure that your home is as ready for the market as possible, given your circumstances. This can mean a complete remodel. It could be as simple as de-cluttering and rearranging some things in the house.  It really depends on your goals and how much work you’re willing to put into your home.


Pricing a home for sale is an art, not a science.  

Now that your home is ready to sell, the initial pricing of your home is crucial.  Depending on what your goal is, there are several different strategies on how to price your home, however statistics show that starting off with the wrong price for the home is one of the easiest ways to miss the opportunity to sell the home for as much as possible.  You want to make sure that you price your home in such a way that will bring the most amount of attention to the property, without setting the selling price too low.


This is where your average agent’s game-plan really falls off. 95% of Real Estate Agents will put a sign in the yard, put it in the MLS and sit at an Open House and wait. If you’re lucky, they’ll mail to your nearest 200 neighbors in hopes to get another listing… MAYBE one of your neighbors wants to buy the home or knows someone who does.

Buyers are ALL online these days. 99% of home buyers are shopping online. Meaning that your home has to stop buyers from scrolling through homes online and compel them to click on your home. This is done with beyond professional photography, merchandising the home and video tours.

This is where our Team is years ahead of the competition. When we list a home for sale, we not only make sure that it is on 2,000+ websites that home buyers are shopping on, but we put your home in front of buyers even when they’re not actively looking through homes online. We have a Digital Marketing Campaign that we customize for each home that brings more viewers to the property than even Zillow, Redfin & receive on their sites.

The goal of Promotion is to get as many eyes on your home as possible. The more eyes equal more tours, more tours equal more potential buyers, more buyers equal a higher selling price.


First Impressions are Key, and we have a plan for that too!

Now that we’re bringing home buyers to your home to tour it. First impressions create lasting impressions. Imagine you’re a home buyer and you drive across town to see a home for sale. How SHOULD the experience feel? Should you be walking into a dark, stuffy home with no lighting on and no direction or insight from the agent listing the house? No.

The Presentation of your home should be an exceptional experience for your prospective home buyers.

When we list a home for sale, we make sure that we have an agent that shows up BEFORE the buyer arrives to make sure that the home is in the perfect condition for a showing. Windows open, lights turned on, and is there to present the home and its key features.


Probably the most overlooked aspect of your Real Estate Agent’s job is to protect you as the seller throughout the process. This can easily be lumped in with “Negotiating the Best Deal”, however especially with California (specifically Orange County) being a very litigious state, your agent needs to be solving and looking our for red flag issues BEFORE they become problems. This could be as simple as just not knowing the contracts that everyone is agreeing to, to not reading every word of them, to checking the wrong box!